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 Company that produces educational tools working under the UpShift programme.

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"UPSHIFT is a program developed by UNICEF, and aims at addressing social problems and challenges to help young people develop new skills, learn more about social entrepreneurship and gain new friendships. The program is implemented by CEED Hub Skopje with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, UNICEF and the Bureau for the Development of Education. "

About Our Company

Our company offers solution for the problem about learning basic math operations. The product created by the student company is unique and innovative on the market and is called Ringobit.


Our product


Ringobit is an educational tool for learning basic mathematical operations for children with disabilities, children with learning disabilities or very young children.


Contact Us

Veles, Macedonia (FYROM)


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Let's Ringobit

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